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小编导读:李乘伊教授系国家机关老干部健康顾问团首席专家,现 任世界传统文化研究院执行院长、中华临床医学会副会长、北京乘伊医学研究院院长、世界中医药研究学会主席等职。

Inheriting traditional Chinesemedicine and being brave in innovation and development Cultivate theapricot forest to help the world

——On Professor Li Chengyi, the founder of the innovation and development of contemporary traditional Chinese Medicine

李乘伊教授系国家机关老干部健康顾问团首席专家,现 任世界传统文化研究院执行院长、中华临床医学会副会长、北京乘伊医学研究院院长、世界中医药研究学会主席等职。


李乘伊教授是位传奇人物,1973 年出生于四川米易玄帝 颛顼故里。因祖辈是彝族,世代行医练武,所以他出生后,还在襁褓中时,爷爷就背着他上山采药,这使得他小小年纪便认识了很多不同种类的草药,被称之为小神童。稍大时,他便 跟在爷爷身后,观察爷爷给人看病、开方子、抓药的各个细 节,让他对中医的认识更加系统化。可以说,他的童年是在实践和不断学习中医知识的时光中度过的。

中学时代的李乘伊便开始有意识地系统学习中医知识。偶尔的一次机会,有个患者来看病,恰逢爷爷不在家,他便顺手给人进行治疗,并敷上些草药,没想到还真治好了来者的病。从此之后,李乘伊便开始给人瞧病、开药方、抓药等,俨 然一个医生的样子。在看到病人治愈后的轻松心情,在内心 泛起阵阵欣慰的同时,也让他开始思考未来人生的发展方向。经过几夜的深思熟虑,李乘伊依毅然决定从事中医事业,他希望通过自己的努力,让更多的人恢复健康,走出病痛的折磨,重拾欢乐时光。

医武世家,这个看似平常但却至关重要的生长环境,给了 李乘伊教授生命的滋养,让他在青春少年时,便选择了自己的人生道路,并用全部的精力为之努力、为之奋斗!


Professor Li Chengy i is the chief expert of the health advisory group for veteran cadres of state o rgans. He is currently the executive president of t he World Institute of traditional culture, the vice president of the Chinese Clinical Medicine Association, the president of Beijing Chengy i Medical Research Institute and the president of the world society of traditional Chinese medicine.

1、 Scholarly family, determined to write legendProfessor Li Chengy i is a legend. He was born in the hometown of Zhuan Xu, the Xuandi of Miyi in Si chuan Province in 1973. Because his ancestors were Yi peop le and practiced medicine and martial arts f or generations, when he was still a baby, his grand father carried him up the mountain to collect medic ine, which made him know many different kinds of he rbs at a young age, and he was called a little prod igy. When he was a little older, he followed behind his grandfather and observed the details of his gr andfather’s treatment, prescription and prescription, so as to make hisunderstandingoftraditional Chinese medicine more systematic. It can be said that his childhood was spent practicing andconstantlylearning traditional Chinese medicine knowledge.

In middle school, Li Chengyi began to consciousl y and systematically learn traditional Chinese medi cine knowledge. Once in a while, a patient came to see a doctor. It happened that grandpa was not at h ome. He treated peop le and applied some herbs. Unex pectedly, he really cured the patient. Since then, Li Chengyi began to treat peop le, prescribe prescri ptions, fill medicine, etc., just like a doctor. Seeing the patient’s relaxed mood after being cured,

he felt gratified. At the same time, he also began to think about the development direction of his fut ure life. After several nights of careful considera tion, Li Chengyi resolutely decided to engage in th e cause of traditional Chinese medicine. He hoped t hat through his own efforts, more peop le would reco ver from the suffering of illness and regain a happy time.

Yiwu aristocratic family, this seeming ly ordinar y but vital growth environment, has given ProfessorLi Chengy i the nourishment of life, so that when he was young, he chose his own life path and workedhard for it with all his energy!


传统中医博大精深 ;中华武术源远流长, 二者融会贯通, 可收到相得益彰之奇效。中国的大医学家往往也是大武术家。 医武兼修可上溯到东汉名医华佗,众所周知,华佗发明了“五 禽戏” 。2011 年 5 月 23 日,经国务院批准,华佗“五禽戏” 列入第三批国家级非物质文化遗产名录。由此可见,做为著名医学家的华佗也是中华武术的鼻祖 ;而药王孙思邈,民间亦盛传其精通武术,曾以一指点穴法治愈大将尉迟敬德的肩 痹风 ;到了南宋末年,更有全真教全真七子,其中又以丹阳子 马钰与长春子丘处机最为突出,针灸学上著名的“马丹阳天 星十二穴主治杂病歌”即为丹阳子马钰所撰 ;长春子丘处机 后来还担任了成吉思汗的医疗健康顾问。殊不知,在医学领域有极高成就的李乘伊,同样也是一位武林高手。

从幼年就开始习武的李乘伊教授,在学医的过程中,对武 学的力道也颇有了解。李乘伊教授中学时已达到国家一级运 动员水平,后在河南嵩山少林寺练武。他曾跳过伞,蹦过极, 独自攀登珠峰 7000 多米,一年四季只穿单衣单裤。2003 年 2 月 9 日,李乘伊教授在零下 20 摄氏度的冰雕馆内停留 4 小时 7 分钟,荣获“北京首届雪世界杯抗寒极限挑战赛”男子组亚 军,央视 5 套及多家报纸对其进行了实况转播,刚到而立之年的李乘伊教授名扬海内外。

为了系统学习中国武术,他拜中国武术协会常务副主席、 国际武术联合会技术委员会主任、香港中华武术体育协会名 誉主席、武术界享有盛名的张山先生为师,逐渐让自己的武 医精湛,也让李乘伊教授渐渐思考:能不能研究一种方法,患者不用药物或少用药便可治疗病痛?

通过多年的潜心研究,加上祖传的中医妙方,又结合积累 的临床宝贵经验,让李乘伊教授在传统针灸推拿手法的基础上,摸索出一套独特的“乘伊透穴疗法”,此手法用手尖的力道,以指代针,在一瞬间完成点、弹、拔、按、压手法,用指法着力支点,达到防病祛病的效果。

2、 Medical and martial arts, colorful life, differentTraditional Chinese medicine is broad and profound ; Chinese martial arts has a long history. If they are integrated, they can comp lement each other. C hina’s great medical experts are often great martia l artists. The combination of medicine and martial arts can be traced back to Hua Tuo, a famous doctor

in the Eastern Han Dynasty. As we all know, Hua Tu o invented the “five poultry opera”. On May 23, 201 1, with the approval of the State Council, Hua Tuo’ s “Wuqinxi” was included in the third batch of nati onal intangible cultural heritage list. It can be seen that Hua Tuo, a famous medical scientist, is also the ancestor of Chinese martial arts ; Sun S imiao,the king of medicine, is also widely rumored to be

proficient in martial arts. He once cured general Yuchi Jingde’s shoulder arthralgia with the method of one finger acupoint ; At the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, Quanzhen taught the seven sons of Qua nzhen, among which Ma Yu, the son of Danyang, and Q iu Chuji, the son of Changchun were the most promin ent. The famous “song of Ma Danyang Tianxing twelve points for treating miscellaneous diseases” in acu puncture and moxibustion was written by Ma Yu, theson of Danyang; Changchun Ziqiu Chuji later servedas a medical and healthconsultant for Genghis Khan.Unexpectedly, Li Chengyi, who has made great achie vements in the field of medicine, is also a Wulin expert.

Professor Li Chengy i, who has been practicing ma rtial arts since his childhood, also has a good und erstanding of the power of martial arts in the proc ess of learning medicine. Professor Li Chengyi reac hed the level of national first-class athletes when

he was in middle school. Later, he practiced marti al arts in Shaolin Temp le in Songshan, Henan Provin ce. He once jumped an umbrella and bungee jumping, climbed more than 7000 meters of Mount Everest alon e, and only wore sing le clothes and trousers all ye ar round. On February 9, 2003, Professor Li Chengyi

stayed in the ice sculpture museum at minus 20 for 4 hours and 7 minutes and won the second p lace in the men’s group of the “First Snow World Cup extreme challenge in Beijing”. It was broadcast live by CCTV 5 sets and many newspapers. The newly establish ed Professor Li Chengy i was famous at home and abroad.

In order to systematically learn Chinese martial arts, he paid tribute to Mr.ZhangShan,executive vice chairman of the Chinese Martial Arts Associat ion, director of the technical committee of the Int ernational Martial Arts Federation, honorary chairm an of theHong Kong Chinese martial arts sports ass ociation and famous in the martial arts industry. He gradually made his martial arts medicine exquisite, and Professor Li Chengyigradually thought: can he study a method that patients can treat their pain without or with less drugs?

Through years of painstaking research, combined with the ancestral recipe of traditional Chinese me dicine and the accumulated valuable clinical experi ence, Professor Li Chengy i explored a unique set of”Chengy i acupoint penetration therapy” on the basi s of traditional acupuncture and massage. This technique uses the power of the tip of the hand to refer to the needle, comp lete the point, bounce, pull, press and press techniques in an instant, and use t he fingering to focus on the fulcrum, so as to achi eve the effect of disease prevention andelimination.


人生之路的铺就与成功,在于崇高的理想。拥有崇高理想, 才能让前行的路更加顺利、更有宽度。当李乘伊决心学习中医后,他的人生目标就变得非常明确。高中毕业后,他如愿考上了成都中医大学。大学毕业后,李乘伊又在成都军区八一 骨科医院、中国人民解放军总医院等机构进修深造并获得博 士学位。在进修深造的过程中,他有缘结识了新中国中医事 业奠基人、卫生部首任中医司司长和中医药管理局局长、中 医泰斗吕炳奎教授,并拜师门下,全面学习中医理论,这为他日后精湛的中医针灸疗法奠定了坚实基础。

在导师的引领下,悟性极高的李乘伊教授走遍祖国名山 大川,遍访名医、博览古今医学文献。精研《黄帝内经》、《医宗金鉴》、《人体解剖学》等医典名著。经过三十多年的临床经验, 证明“乘伊透穴疗法”疗法对颈椎病、腰椎间盘突出、肩周 炎、关节炎、心脑疾病、偏瘫后遗症、肠胃系统疾病、软组 织损伤及各种神经痛、头痛、代谢紊乱、妇科病等疑难杂症 均有显著疗效。通过手法复位,达到活血化瘀,治疗疾病的目的。

行医做事,都要以德为先、以德为武。在行医的路上,李 乘伊教授至少救治了几万名患者。近二十多年来,他出访了几十个国家和地区,作了一百多场(其中在联合国总部作过多次演讲)主旨演讲,为多国首脑诊病治疗。特别在非典和新冠重大疫情期间,李乘伊教授用自己的实际行动,生动诠释了一名医护人员的奉献精神和本色。

在多年临床及科研的基础上,李乘伊教授先后发表了论文 100 余篇,获得无数好评和奖励。《关于推拿点穴的实践 与疗效》一文,在第三届中医药发展论坛上被评为优秀论文 特等奖 ;《儒家文化与中医学漫谈》一文,在第八届中国管理 科学大会论文评选中获一等奖 ;李乘伊教授应邀做了大会主 旨演讲。在澳大利亚第六届世界中医药大会上,李乘伊教授 应邀做主旨演讲:《乘伊透穴疗法的疗效与实践》。他对中


2010 年,李乘伊应邀在上海世博会上作主旨演讲巜中医 “治未病”与健脾》。他的《道家辟谷与中医养生探源》一文,在中华健康养生产业发展论坛上引起业界广泛关注,被誉为中国康养事业的领跑者和引路人。

3、 Mind the common peop le, a good doctor and amessenger of lightThe paving and success of the road of life lies in lofty ideals. Only with lofty ideals can we make

the road ahead more smooth and wider. When Li Chen gy i decided to study traditional Chinese medicine, his goal in life became very clear. After graduatin g from Chengdu University of traditional Chinese medicine, he went to college. After graduating from University, Li Chengyi went to Bay i orthopedic hospital of Chengdu Military Region, General Hospital ofthe Chinese peop le’s Liberation Army and other institutions for further study and obtained a doctorate. In the process of further study, he had the chance to meet the founder of traditional Chinese medicine in New China, the first director of the Department of traditional Chinese medicine of the Ministryof health, the director of the administration of traditional Chinese medicine and Professor Lv Bing kui, a leader of traditional Chinese medicine. He paid homage to his teachers and comprehensively studied the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, whichlaid a solid foundation for his exquisite acup uncture and moxibustion therapy in the future.

Under the guidance of his tutor, Professor Li Ch engy i, who is highly savvy, has traveled all over t he famous mountains and rivers of the motherland, v isited famous doctors and extensively read ancient and modern medical literature. He has carefully stu died such famous medical classics as the Yellow Emperor’s Canon of internal medicine, the Golden Bookof medical Zong and human anatomy. After more than 30 years of clinical experience, it has been proved that “Chengy i point penetration therapy” has signi ficant curative effect on cervical s pondy losis, lum bar disc herniation, scapulohumeral periarthritis, arthritis, heart and brain diseases, sequelae of he mip legia, gastrointestinal system diseases, soft ti ssue injury, various neuralgia, headache, metabolic disorder, gynecological diseases and other difficult and miscellaneousdiseases. Through manual reduction, the purpose of promoting blood circulation an d removing blood stasis and treating diseases can be achieved.When practicing medicine, we should put morality

first and take morality as force. On the way of pr acticing medicine, Professor Li Chengyitreated at least tens of thousands of patients. Over the past two decades, he has visited dozens of countries and

regions, delivered more than 100 keynote speeches (including many speeches at the United Nations Head quarters) and provided medical treatment for leaders of many countries. Especially during the SARS andthe new coronavirus epidemic, Professor Li Chengyi vividly explained the dedication and true colors of a medical staff with his own practical actions.

On the basis of many years of clinical and scien tific research, Professor Li Chengyi has published more than 100 papers and won numerous praise and aw ards. The article on the practice and efficacy of

acupoint massage was awarded the special prize o f excellent paper at the thirddevelopment forum of traditional Chinese medicine ; The essay on Confuci an culture and traditional Chinese medicine won the first prize in the paper selection of the 8th ChinaManagement Science Conference ; Professor Li Cheng y i was invited to give a keynotespech at the co nference. At the 6th World Congress of traditiona l Chinese medicine in Australia, Professor Li Cheng y i was invited to give a keynote speech on the efficacy and practice of Chengyi point penetration thera py. His unique views on traditional Chinese medici ne have raised human health care to an unprecedented height.

In 2010, Li Chengyi was invited to give a key not e speech at the Shanghai World Expo,pointing out t he “prevention of diseases” and strengthening the s p leen “of traditional Chinese medicine. His article “the valley of Taoism and the origin of traditional Chinese medicine health preservation” has attracted extensive attention in the industry at the ChinaHealthPreservation Industry Development Forum, an d is known as the leader and guide of China’s health preservation industry.


在积极为患者治疗疾病的同时,李乘伊教授深刻认识到防病比治病更重要,而中华几千年的养生文化正是这一结论的体现。中华传统养生文化是在特定的价值体系和文化环境 中所形成的特定的思想动机和观念模式,在广泛摄取宇宙生 成论和天人论、阴阳五行论和八卦九宫说,以及中华传统医 学思想理论体系和符号体系的基础上,中华传统养生文化反映和体现着传统文化围绕人的生命价值,形神关系,动静关系等一系列的基本态度和哲学思考,是几千年中国医者智慧的结晶。而随着社会经济的发展,人们的生活节奏不断加速,不健 康的饮习惯和不规律的作息时间,让很多人的健康情况堪忧 ;尤其是越来越多的亚健康状态的出现,让人们对健康也越来越重视,这就衍生了众多养生产品和养生疗法的出现,但是万变不离其宗,任何养生方式都离不开中医药学的核心 理论。李乘伊教授亦深谙养身之道,在生命的健康养护和疾病的预防方面,他提出的一整套理论在实践中得以证实,在九十年代初第一个提出康养命题。康养涵盖养老、养生、心 理、智慧、医疗、文化、体育、旅游、交通、商业、娱乐、 休闲、运动、电子、商务、建筑、民生、绿色环保、特色小镇建设等诸多领域,目前已经成为全民关注的新兴产业。成就与荣誉的背后,是李乘伊教授为中医传承事业默默奋斗的决心,也见证了他为祖国中医药事业创新与发展做出巨大贡献,特别是他对中医药学的理论研究和实践探索,填补了世界中医药领域的空白。由于他为传统中医的传承及当代中医事业的创新与发展做出的卓越贡献,被称之为当代中医事业的创新与发展的开拓者与奠基人。

中医是中华民族的瑰宝,也是中华民族发展过程中不可 或缺的一部分,它已深深地融入国人的血脉。中医几千年的 发展史,就是其传承史。李乘伊教授从祖辈那里获得了医学 启蒙,在中医大学学习理论知识,再到中国人民解放军总医 院的锤炼和恩师吕炳奎的言传身教,更是一部活生生的中医 传承史。而李乘伊教授又在行医的过程中,将传统中医发扬 光大并有所创新,亲自带领学生,把宝贵的经验教给新时代的医者,完成了一次华丽而又深远意义的接力。医者仁心、医者仁术,中华医学更是遥无止境。李乘伊教授多年的学医生涯,让他感觉到越读书越感到知识不足,越当医生胆子越小,唯有把自己当成小学生,严格要求自己,放下架子,一辈子学生,以众为师、以万事万物为师,并把自 己所学毫无保留地传授给后来者,方能将中医事业传承下去,让具有几千年悠久历史的华夏瑰宝继续灿烂!

4、 Noble medical ethics, profound academic knowledge and brilliant achievements

While actively treating patients with diseases, Professor Li Chengy i deep ly realized that disease p revention is more important than disease treatment,and China’s health culture for thousands of years is the embodiment of this conclusion. Chinese tradi tional healthpreservation culture is a specific id eological motivation and conceptual model formed in a specific valuesystem and cultural environment. On the basis of widely absorbing the theory of univ erse generation, the theory of heaven and man, the theory of y in and Yang and five elements, thetheor y of eight diagrams and nine palaces, as well as th e ideological and theoretical system and symbolic s y stem of Chinese traditional medicine, Chinese trad itional health preservation culture reflects and em bodies the traditional culture around human life va lue and therelationship between form and spirit, A series of basic attitudes and philosophical thinking, such as dynamic and static relations, are the cry stallization of the wisdom of Chinese doctors for

thousands of years.

With the development of social economy, peop le’s pace of life is accelerating. Unhealthy eating h abits and irregular work and rest time make many pe op le’s health worry ing; In particular, the emergenc e of more and more sub-health states makes peop le p

ay more and more attention to health, which leads t

o the emergence of many health care products and he alth care therapies. However, changes are insep arab le from its origin, and any health care method is i nseparable from the core theory of traditional Chin ese medicine. Professor Li Chengyi is also familiar with the way of self-cultivation. In terms of life health maintenance and disease prevention, a set o f theories he put forward have been confirmed in pr actice. He was the first to put forward the proposi tion of health maintenance in the early 1990s. Heal th care covers pension, health care, psychology, wi sdom, medical treatment, culture, sports, tourism, transportation, commerce, entertainment, leisure, s ports, e-commerce, construction, peop le’s livelihoo d, green environmental protection, characteristic t own construction and many other fields. At present, it has become an emerging industry concerned by th e whole peop le. Behind his achievements and honors is Professor Li Chengy i’s determination to fight si lently for the inheritance of traditional Chinese m edicine. It also witnessed his great contribution t

o the innovation and development of traditional Chi

nese medicine in the motherland. In particular, his theoretical research and practical exploration of traditional Chinese medicine filled the gap in the

field of traditional Chinese Medicine in the world.

Because of his outstanding contributions to the in heritance of traditional Chinese medicine and the i nnovation and development of contemporary Chinese m edicine, he is known as the pioneer and founder of the innovation and development of contemporary Chin

ese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine is not only the tre asure of the Chinese nation, but also an indispensa ble part of the development of the Chinese nation. It has been deep ly integrated into the blood of the Chinese peop le. The development history of traditi onal Chinese medicine for thousands of years is its inheritance history. Professor Li Chengyi received medical enlightenment from his grandparents, studi ed theoretical knowledge in the University of tradi tional Chinese medicine, and then trained in the Ge neral Hospital of the Chinese peop le’s Liberation A

rmy and the words and deeds of his mentor LV Bing ku

i, which is a living history of the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine. In the process of pra cticing medicine, Professor Li Chengy i carried forw ard and innovated traditional Chinese medicine, per sonally led students to teach valuable experience t o doctors in the new era, and comp leted a magnifice

nt and far- reaching relay.

Chinese medicine is even more endless. Professor Li Chengy i’s many years of career as a doctor has made him feel that the more he studies, the more he feels lack of knowledge, and the less daring he is to be a doctor. He can only regard himself as a primary school student, strictly demand himself, pu t down his airs, be a student all his life, take th e masses as the teacher, take everything as the tea cher, and impart what he has learned unreservedly t

o the latecomers, so as to inherit the cause of tra

ditional Chinese medicine and make the Chinese trea sure with a long history of thousands of years cont

inue to flourish!




医学术交流大会上做主旨演讲,并为多国首脑进行保健治疗, 受到极高的赞誉。荣誉等身的李院长被聘为布隆迪共和国驻


作为两国政府和民间全面深入交流合作的智库成员,中 国科学家论坛副理事长,中国民间中医医药研究开发协会理 事,医圣张仲景撰写的《伤寒杂病论》白云阁藏本再版特邀


《科教兴国》丛书特邀副主编。他在欧美荣获健康大使 杰出成就奖,在国内被授予国医圣手奖,“乘伊透穴疗法”得 到了医学界和患者的一致认可。2008 年,“乘伊针灸特色疗 法”被评为“ 中医一技之长特色疗法” ;“乘伊透穴特色疗 法”被评为“优秀名中医特色疗法” 。并获得“ 中国民间中 医康复医疗保健传承名师” 、“ 中医药领域德艺双馨人物和 汶川赈灾模范工作者” 、“奥运 2008 优秀企业家”等光荣 称呼!2009 年,在马来西亚首府吉隆坡召开的第 47 届世界传 统医学大会上,李乘伊教授荣获大会特设的金手指奖。2012 年,“乘伊透穴疗法”又被科技部评为中国科技创新最佳发 明成果奖”。李乘伊教授本人获得“2012 年中医药发展杰出 功勋人物” 、“2012 年中医正骨十佳杰出人才”荣誉称号! 2014 年,李乘伊教授荣获“亚洲医学科技荣耀奖” 、2014 年 国家医学教育发展中心“健康养身情、共筑中国梦”等奖项。 在 2015 年第八届中国管理科学大会上, ‘乘伊透穴疗法荣 获“ 中国管理科学研究与应用优秀成果奖” 。“乘伊医学” 品牌被中国管理科学研究院、中国国际经济技术合作促进会、 中国影响力杂志社、中国中小企业协会信用管理中心,及其 全国行业影响力人物(品牌)大型活动组委会等五家机构,评 为“ 中国中医保健行业十大影响力品牌”和“ 中国中医康复

保健服务公众满意佳典范品牌” ;由李乘伊创办的“北京乘

伊医学研究院”,被评为“全国质量服务信誉 AAA 级诚信示


2015 年,李乘伊教授先后荣获国家发改委颁发的“中国中 医医疗行业新标杆人物奖”、“中国公益事业领军人物奖”、 “ 中国改革优秀人物奖”。在“2015 中国经济高峰论坛暨第 十三届中国经济人物年会”上,由国家发改委、国务院国资 委、中国社科院、中共中央政策研究室等有关部门领导和经 济界知名人士组成的评审委员会,评定北京乘伊医学研究院 获“中国经济绿色健康环保单位”大奖,院长李乘伊荣获“中 国经济医疗行业新领军人物”奖项。2015 年,李乘伊教授应 邀做客国务院新闻办旗下中国互联网新闻中心发起的“ 中国

品牌影响力提升计划”重点实施项目一 CCTV《影响力对话》。

2016,李乘伊教授获中国中医医疗行业新标杆人物奖、中 国公益事业领军人物奖、中国改革优秀人物奖、中国经济医

疗行业新领军人物、2016 中国发展改革领军人物等荣誉称号。

2017 年李乘伊教授荣获“2017 全球华人最具影响力医学

领袖人物”荣誉称号。并参与国家 28 式太极拳编写出版工

作,担任编委会副主编一职。2017 年由草原英雄武林那达幕 (内蒙古)组委会选举荣获“蒙古王-草原武林名师” 、“蒙 古王-草原武林名家”荣誉称号。2017 年中国著名医学家李 乘伊教授应邀参加纽约联合国总部全球新经济高峰论坛,在 论坛上进行“关于发扬国粹中医”的主旨演讲,并荣获“全 球新经济中医临床医疗特等奖”,现场给多国元首赠送自己


2018 年,北京乘伊医学研究院荣获“ 中国品牌影响力 100 强”、李乘伊教授荣获“改革开放四十年一一中国科技创新 十大人物” 、“改革开放四十周年中国品牌影响力医学领袖 人物”、“改革开放 40 年德艺双馨医学家”、“改革开放 4

0 年行业领军人物” 、“2018 年十大创新医学家”等称号。

2019 年 1 月,第四届“ 中国经济新模式创新与发展峰会” 暨 2018“ 中国行业领先品牌” 电视盛典活动在全国政协礼 堂胜利召开。会议表彰了 2018 全国企业创新成果的领先品 牌和个人,北京乘伊医学研究院荣获“ 中国行业领先品牌”。

李乘伊教授获“ 中国行业最具创新力商业领袖”奖。

2019 年 9 月 17 日,北京钓鱼台国宾馆举行由《人民日报 社》、《经济日报社》、《市场观察杂志社》、《发现品牌 栏目》、对外经贸大学联合主办,经济日报总编辑亲自主持, 全国政协齐续春副主席致词的“建国 70 周年.经济发展与品


在这次高峰论坛上,“北京乘伊医学研究院”经大会第三 方與情监测机构综合评价,企业荣获“建国 70 周年.中国中 医行业十大质量示范品牌奖” ;个人荣获“建国 70 周年.推 动中国中医行业高质量创新发展杰出青年奖” ;及“建国 70


2020 年度,李乘伊教授荣获“ 中医药产业科技进步奖”、 “ 中医药传承创新首席科学家” 、“民族品牌(全球)推广大 使”、“全球新经济中医临床医疗特等奖”、“2020 年度国

际中国公益责任品牌奖” 、“科技中国创新先锋” 、“国医

大师勋章” 、“ 中国中医药传承与创新网专家顾问委员会首 席专家” 、“创新中国专家智库联盟副理事长” 、“全国雷


2020 年 4 月被中国管理科学研究院聘任为客座教授、大 国医药智库成员 ;同年 6 月“李乘伊中医传承创新工作室”


2020 年9 月,李乘伊教授应邀参加十七届中国科学家论坛! 各级领导专家院士 2000 多人参加!李乘伊教授再次当选为中

国科学家论坛副理事长!并荣获“ 中医药传承创新首席科学

家”、“ 中国中医药非物质文化遗产保护功勋人物” 。北京 乘伊岐黄中医院被评为“ 中国中医药非物质文化遗产突出贡


2020 年 12 月,李乘伊教授荣获“榜样人物紫奖”,并荣登


2021 年 1 月,李乘伊教授成为 2021 年挂历封面人物,与 1

2 位中国工程院院士共贺新春。

2021 年 2 月,李乘伊教授荣登《国之栋梁》专刊封面人物。

2021 年 3 月 2 日,李乘伊教授被俄罗斯联邦国会全民健康

委员会受予“ 中俄传统医学交流项目高水平成就奖”。

2021 年 3 月 26 日,鉴于李乘伊教授在我国

2020 一2021 年度抗击新型冠状病毒疫情中做出突出贡献, 经 CCTV 大医中国栏目组、CCTV 影响中国栏目组及中华临床


志“2020 一 2021 年度感动中国抗疫先进医学人物”荣誉 称号。2021 年 3 月 29 日,李乘伊教授参加 2021 国际中国公

益事业大典联合报道,被授予“ 中医界形象大使”称呼。

2021 年 4 月,李乘伊教授入编《推动中国中医药发展的 1

00 位国医大师风采展示录》。

2021 年 5 月 23 日,李乘伊教授应邀参加中国商界领袖论 坛即第十届金典奖公众满意典范品牌新闻发布领袖年会。在 十届“见证.品牌的力量”公众满意度专项调研活动中,根据 专家、记者、策划人、公众及行业人士提名,依据“组委会 推荐、公众投票、严格审核”三方数据评分结果,《北京乘 伊医学研究院》在此次课题调研活动中被推选为:金典奖.推 动当代中医事业发展突出贡献单位奖,院长李乘伊教授荣获:



2021 年 5 月 24 日,第十八届中国科学家论坛在京召开, 来自全国各地各行业的院士专家、科技工作者、企业家代表 出席了年度科技盛会,会议期间还举行了第四届中国企业首


在这次活动中,李乘伊教授荣获“2020 一 2021 具有影响 力科技创新先锋人物奖” 、北京乘伊岐黄中医院荣获“2020 一 2021 社会责任突出贡献奖” 。2021 年 5 月 27、28 日,李 乘伊教授应邀在钓鱼台国宾馆参加 2021 中国经济新业态新 形势发展研讨会并发言!并同第十二届全国政协副主席齐续 春、第一届国务院国有重点大型企业监事会主席谢钟毓等领导及全国优秀企业家合影留念。

在这次大会上,李乘伊教授荣获“ 中国当代中医药事业终 身成就奖”称号、“推动中医药行业发展杰出创新人物”称号、“最具社会责任感杰出贡献人物”称号!2021 年 6 月 28 日,李乘伊教授被三辰影库音像出版社巜走近大囯崛起的开拓者》收录!2021 年 7 月 18 日~20 日,第二十一届中国世纪大采风暨年度人物电视总结表彰大会,在中央电视台演播大厅举行,今年是十四五规划的开局之年,更是疫后重生的新时代,李乘伊院长应邀出席第二十一届中国世纪大采风暨年度人物电视总结表彰大会。北京乘伊医学研究院荣获“当代爱心医 疗机构荣誉称号,李乘伊院长荣获“当代中医疑难杂症特 效疗法专家”,“当代中医事业奠基人”荣誉称号。2021 年 8 月 2 日,李乘伊教授被中国科学文化出版社《奋斗百年路一一启航新征程(学党史传精神跟党走一一百人百事典藏纪实)》收录!2021 年 8 月 22 日,李乘伊教授应邀参加第六期《发现之 美系列人物访谈之百年百位创新英雄榜》节目录制。本期节 目由中央电视台著名节目主持人邵明悦主持。旨在弘扬新时代下科技创新精神,展示新形势下中国科技最新成果,树立新格局下中国科技产业标杆。即席访谈授予“李乘伊”同志:发现之美.《创新时代力量》2021 新闻焦点人物。2021 年 9 月 18-19 日,第十九届中国科学家(国际)论坛在京召开,李乘伊博士应邀参加了此次论坛, 并作“致知力行继往开来——浅谈中医药传承与创新”的主 旨演讲。北京乘伊岐黄中医院获“ 中国管理科学院商学院中 医药产业发展研究中心”称号,李乘伊教授被授予第十九届 中国科学家(国际)论坛“科技创新形象大使”称号。中国科 学家论坛主席、中国管理科学研究院商学院院长、中国未来研究会企业家分会会长陈贵颁发了证书。

2021 年 12 月,李乘伊教授获“ 中国 2021 年度非凡人物”荣誉称号。

在荣誉面前,李乘伊不敢有半点松懈, 他时常牢记恩师吕炳奎送给自己的话“悬壶济世、医道无涯”,并以此来勉 励自己。他一路走来,风雨兼程,厚积薄发。从“ 中医一技之 长特色疗法”、“优秀名中医特色疗法”,到“ 中国科技创新 最佳发明成果奖”、”亚洲医学科技荣耀奖” 、“ 中国管理科学研究与应用优秀成果奖”、再到 2015 全国中医药十佳最具推广价值的特色创新疗法,一种疗法获得众多殊荣,不仅彰显其优越的治病疗效,更突出创立者的精湛医术。

除此之外,李乘伊教授还坚持带学生,注重培养新一代医 者,把自己所学毫无保留地传给他们,他坚持用事实说话,努 力提高医学技术,用口碑和医术,来打造北京乘伊医学研究院的品牌。

5、 Keep upright and innovate to win brilliant development of the cause

“Chengy i point penetration therapy” has been una nimously recognized by the medical community and pa tients. In 2008, “Chengy i acupuncture characteristi c therapy” was rated as “traditional Chinese medici ne skill characteristic therapy” ; “Chengy i point pe netration characteristic therapy” was rated as “exc ellent famous traditional Chinese medicine characte ristic therapy”. And won the honorary titles of ” famous Chinese folk traditional Chinese medicine re habilitation and health care inheritance teacher”, “virtuous and artistic figures in the field of trad itional Chinese medicine and model workers in Wench uan disaster relief”, “excellent entrepreneur of 2008 Olympic Games” and so on!

In 2009, Professor Li Chengy i won the special go lden finger award at the 47th World Conference on t raditional medicine held in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

In 2012, “Chengy i acupoint penetration therapy” was also rated as the “best invention achievement a ward of China’s scientific and technological innova tion” by the Ministry of science and technology. Pr ofessor Li Chengyi himself won the honorary titles of “outstanding meritorious figure in the developme nt of traditional Chinese medicine in 2012” and “to p ten outstanding talents in bone setting of traditional Chinese medicine in 2012”!

In 2014, Professor Li Chengy i won the “honor award of Asian medical science andtechnology” and the”healthy and nurturing, building the Chinese dream ” and other awards of the national medical education development center in 2014.

At the 8th China Management Science Conference i n 2015, “Chengy i acupoint penetration therapy” won the “excellent achievement award of China management science research and application”. “Chengy i medicine” brand has been rated as “top ten influential b rands in China’s traditional Chinese medicine healt h care industry” and “good model brand of public sa tisfaction in China’s traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation and health care services” by five in stitutions, including China Academy of Management S ciences, China Council for the promotion of interna tional economic and technological cooperation, Chin a influence magazine, credit management center of C hina Association of small and medium- sized enterpr ises, and the Organizing Committee of national indu stry influential figures (brands) large-scale activ ities ; The “Beijing Chengyi Medical Research Instit ute”, founded by Li Chengyi, was rated as “AAA cred it demonstration unit of national quality service reputation”.

In 2015, Professor Li Chengy i won the “new bench marking Figure Award in China’s traditional Chinese medicine industry”, “leader award in China’s publi c welfare undertakings” and “outstanding figure awa rd in China’s reform” issued by the national development and Reform Commission. At the “2015 China Economic Summit Forum and the 13th annual meeting of C hinese economic figures”, the evaluation committee composed of leaders of relevant departments such as

the national development and Reform Commission, th e state owned assets supervision and Administration

Commission of the State Council, the Chinese Acade my of Social Sciences, the Policy Research Office o f the central Committee of the Communist Party of C hina and celebrities in the economic community eval uated that Beijing Chengy i medical research institu te won the award of “China’s economic green, health

and environmental protection unit”, President Li C hengy i won the award of “new leader in China’s econ omic and medical industry”. In 2015, Professor Li C hengy i was invited to attend CCTV influence dialog ue, the key implementation project of the “China brand influence promotion p lan” launched by China Inte rnet News Center under the Information Office of the State Council.In 2016, Professor Li Chengy i won the new benchm ark award in China’s traditional Chinese medicine and medical industry, the leader award in China’s public welfare undertakings, the outstanding person a ward in China’s reform, the new leader in China’s economic and medical industry, the leader in China’sdevelopment and Reform in 2016 and other honorarytitles.

In 2017, Professor Li Chengy i won the honorary t itle of “2017 g lobal Chinese mostinfluential medic al leader”. He also participated in the compilation and publication of national 28 Style Taijiquan andserved as the deputy editor in chief of the Editorial Committee. In 2017, the Organizing Committee of grassland hero Wulin Nadamu (Inner Mongolia) won the honorary titles of “king of Mongolia – fam ous teacher of grassland Wulin” and “king of Mongol ia – famous master of grassland Wulin”. In 2017, Professor Li Chengy i, a famous Chinese medical scientist, was invited to participate in the g lobalnew economy summit forum at the United Nations head quarters in New York. At the forum, he gave a key no te speech on “promoting the quintessence of tradi tional Chinese medicine”, and won the “special prize for clinical medicine of traditional Chinese medicineintheg lobal new economy”. He presented his calligraphy works to heads of state of many countries on site to spread Chinese traditional culture.In 2018, Beijing Chengyi medical research institute won the “top 100 Chinese brand influence”, Professor Li Chengyi won the titles of “40 years of reform and opening up – Top 10 Chinese scientificand technological innovation”, “medical leader o f Chinese brand influence in the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up”, “medical expert with bothvirtue and art in the 40 years of reform and o

pening up”, “industry leader in the 40 years of ref orm and opening up” and “top 10innovative physicians in 2018”.In January 2019, the fourth “China’s new economi c model innovation and Development Summit” and 2018 “China’s industry leading brand” TV event were s uccessfully held in the auditorium of the C PPCCNational Committee. The conference commended th e leading brands and inpiduals of national enterp rise innovation achievements in 2018, and Beijing Chengy i medical research institute won the “leadingbrand in China’s industry”. Professor Li Chengy i won the award of “the most innovative business leaderin China’s industry”.

On September 17, 2019, Beijing Diaoyutai state g uesthouse held the “70th anniversary of the foundin g of the peop le’s Republic of China. Economic devel opment and brand building summit forum”, which was jointly sponsored by the peop le’s daily, economic d aily, market observation magazine, discover brand c olumn and the University of foreign trade and econo mics, presided over by the chief editor of economicdaily and delivered a speech by ViceChairman Qi Xuchun of the CPPCC National Committee. ProfessorLi Chengyi was invited to attend the opening ceremony.

At the summit forum, “Beijing Chengyi Medical Re search Institute” was comprehensively evaluated by the third party of the general assembly and the mon itoring organization of the situation. The enterpri se won the “70th anniversary of the founding of the peop le’s Republic of China. Top 10 quality demonstration brands in China’s traditional Chinese medicine industry”; He won the “70th anniversary of the f ounding of the peop le’s Republic of China. Outstand ingYouth Award for promoting high-quality innovati on and development of China’s traditionalChinese m edicine industry”; And “70th anniversary of the fou nding of the peop le’s Republic of China.

Outstandin g contribution award for promoting China’s economicdevelopment”.In 2020, Professor Li Chengy i won the “scientifi c and technological progress award of traditional Chinese medicine industry”, “chief scientist of trad itional Chinese Medicine Inheritance and innovation “,”national brand (global) Promotion Ambassador”, “special prize of g lobal neweconomytraditional Ch inese medicine clinical medicine”,”2020 Internation al Chinapublicwelfare responsibility Product Awar d”, “pioneer of scientific and technological China innovation”, “Medal of national medical master”, “c hief expert of Expert Advisory Committee ofChina t raditional Chinese Medicine Inheritance and innovation network” “Vice chairman of innovative China expert think tank alliance”, “national Lei Feng figure” and other awards.

In April 2020, he was appointed as a visiting pr ofessor by the Chinese Academy of Management Scienc es and a member of a large country pharmaceutical t hink tank ; In June of the same year, “Li Chengyi tr aditional Chinese Medicine Inheritance and Innovation Studio” was established.In September 2020, Professor Li Chengyi was invi ted to attend the 17th China scientists forum! More than 2000 leading experts and academicia ns at all levels participated! Professor Li Cheng y i was re elected as vice chairman of the China sci entists forum! And won the “chief scientist of trad itional Chinese Medicine Inheritance and innovation ” and “meritorious figure in the protection of inta ng ible cultural heritage of traditional Chinese med icine”. Beijing chengy iqihuang traditional Chinese medicine hospital was rated as the “outstandi ng contributor to the intangible cultural heritageof Chinese traditional medicine”.

In December 2020, Professor Li Chengy i won the ” Purp le Award for role models” and was honored as the cover character.In January 2021, Professor Li Chengy i became the cover figure of the 2021 calendar and celebr ated the new year with 12 academicians of the ChineseAcademy of engineering.

In February 2021, Professor Li Chengy i was honor ed as the cover person of the special issue of thepillars of the country.On March 2, 2021, Professor Li Chengy i was award ed the “high level achievement award of China Rus sia traditional medicine exchange project” by the N ational Health Committee of the Congress of the Russian Federation.

In March 26, 2021, Professor Li Cheng made outst anding contributions to the NewCoronavirus epidemi c in 2020 and 2021 in March 26, 2021. He was awarde d the honorarytitle of “2020 one 2021 moved to Chi na’s advanced medical figures” in the 2020 year 2021 year by the joint voting of the China Medical column group and the China Council ofclinical medicine.

On March 29, 2021, Professor Li Chengyi particip ated in the joint report of2021International Chin a public welfare ceremony and was awarded the title of “image ambassador of traditional Chinese medicine”.

In April 2021, Professor Li Chengy i was included

in the exhibition record of 100 National Medical U niversity Teachers promoting the development of Chi

nese traditional medicine.

On May 23, 2021, Professor Li Chengyi was invite d to participate in the China business leaders foru m, the 10th annual meeting of leaders of the golden code award public satisfaction model brand press r elease. In the 10th “witness the power of brand” pu blic satisfaction special research activity, accord ing to the nomination of experts, journalists, p lan ners, the public and industry figures, and the scor ing results of the tripartite data of “recommendati on of theorganizing committee, public voting and strict review”, Beijing Chengyi Medical Research Ins

titute was elected as the Golden Book Award in thisresearch activity Professor Li Chengyi,Presidentof the Institute, won the Golden Award for outstanding contributions to the development of contemporary Chinese medicine The top ten role models for leading thedevelopment of traditional Chinese medicineindustry and promoting the high-qualitydevelopmen t of traditional Chinese medicine industry Annual top ten innovative peop le award.

On May 24, 2021, the 18th China Scientists Forum was held in Beijing. Academicians,experts, scient ific and technological workers and entrepreneurs fr om all over the country attended theannual science and technology event. During the meeting, the fourth China enterprise Chief Scientists Forum was alsoheld. Professor Li Chengyi was invited to attend the meeting and make a speech.

In this event, Professor Li Chengy i won the “202 0-2021 influential scientificandtechnological inn ovation Pioneer Award”, and Beijing Chengyi Qihuang traditional Chinese medicine hospital won the “2020-2021 outstanding contribution award for social re

sponsibility”. On May 27 and 28, 2021, Professor Li Chengy i was invited to attend and speak at the 202 1 Seminar on the development of new business forms and new situations of China’s economy in Diaoyutai state guesthouse! Qi Xuchun, vice chairman of the 1 2thNationalCommittee of the Chinese peop le’s Poli tical Consultative Conference, Xie Zhongyu, chairma

n of the board of supervisors of the first state-ow

ned key large enterprises of the State Council, and other leaders and national outstanding entrep reneu

rs took group photos as souvenirs.

At this conference, Professor Li Chengyi won the title of “lifetime achievement award of contempora ry Chinese medicine”, “outstanding innovative fig ur e promoting the development of traditional Chinese

medicine industry” and “outstanding contributor wit

h the most sense of social responsibility”!

On June 28, 2021, Professor Li Chengy i was cited

by the audio and video publishing house of s anchen film library as a pioneer approaching the ri

se of a great country!

From July 18 to 20, 2021, the 21st China Century Collection and annual peop le’s television summary and commendation conference was held in the studio hall of CCTV. This year is the beginning of the 14t h five year p lan and a new era of rebirth after the epidemic. President Li Chengyi was invited to atte nd the 21st China Century Collection and annual peo p le’s television summary and commendation conferenc e. Beijing Chengyi medical research institute won t he honorary title of “contemporary caring medical i nstitution”, and President Li Chengyi won the honor ary title of “expert on special treatment of diffic ult and miscellaneous diseases of contemporary trad itional Chinese medicine” and “founder of contempor

ary traditional Chinese medicine”.

On August 2, 2021, Professor Li Chengyi was incl

uded by China Science and Culture Press in the book

“a hundred years of struggle and a new journey (le arning the spirit of the party’s history and biogra phy and following the party’s 100 peop le Pepsi coll

ection record)”!

On August 22, 2021, Professor Li Chengyi was inv ited to participate in the recording of the sixth i ssue of “100 years’ list of innovative heroes in th e interview of characters in the series of beauty o f discovery”. This program is hosted by Shao Mingyu e, a famous host of CCTV. It aims to carry forward the spirit of scientific and technological innovati on in the new era, disp lay the latest achievements of China’s science and technology under the new sit uation, and establish the benchmark of China’s scie nce and technology industry under the new pattern. Impromptu interview awarded comrade “Li Chengy i”: t he beauty of discovery The focus of 2021 news of th

e power of innovation era.

From September 18 to 19, 2021, the 19th Chinese scientists (International) forum was held in Beijin g. Dr. Li Chengy i was invited to participate in the forum and gave a keynote speech on “knowledge, pra ctice, carry forward the past and forge ahead – on the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chine se medicine”. Beijing Chengy i Qihuang Hospital of t

raditional Chinese medicine was awarded the title o

f “Research Center for the development of tradition al Chinese medicine industry, School of business, C hinese Academy of Management Sciences”, and Profess or Li Chengyi was awarded the title of “image ambas sador of scientific and technological innovation” a t the 19th China scientists (International) forum. Chen Gui, chairman of China Scientists Forum, Dean

of Business School of Chinese Academy of Management

Sciences and President of entrepreneur branch of China future research association, issued the cert


In December 2021, Professor Li Chengy i won the h onorary title of “extraordinary person of China in


In the face of honor, Li Chengy i dare not relax at all. He often remembers the words given to him b y his mentor LV Bing kui, “hanging a pot to help the world, and there is no end to medicine”, and uses this to encourage himself. He has gone through tria ls and hardships all the way. From “characteristic therapy of Chinese medicine skill”, “characteristic

therapy of excellent famous Chinese medicine”, to

“best invention achievement award of China’s scient ific and technological innovation” and “Asian medic al science and technology Honor Award” “China manag ement science research and application excellent ac hievement award”, and then to the 2015 national top ten characteristic innovative therapies with the m ost promotion value, one therapy has won many award s, which not only demonstrates its superior curativ e effect, but also highlights the founder’s exquisi

te medical skills.

In addition, Professor Li Chengyi also insisted on leading students, focusing on cultivating a new generation of doctors, and imparting his knowledge to them without reservation. He insisted on speakin g with facts, worked hard to improve medical techno

logy, and used word-of-mouth and medical skills to

build the brand of Beijing Chengyi Medical Research


In order to promote the development of China’s h ealth culture, Li Chengyi has been invited to visit dozens of countries and regions, made keynote spee

ches at the international academic exchange confere

nce of traditional Chinese medicine on behalf of Ch ina’s traditional Chinese medicine community for ma ny times, and provided health treatment for leaders of many countries, which has been highly praised. Honorary president Li is appointed as the consultan t of the Sino Republican cooperation committee of t he Republic of China in Burundi. As a member of the think tank of the two governments and civil exchan ges, China’s vice president of the Chinese Scientis ts Forum, director of the China folk medicine resea rch and Development Association, the “cold and misc ellaneous diseases” written by Zhang Zhong jing, the deputy director of the Baiyun Pavilion, the deputy editor in chief of the book “revitalizing the coun

try through science and education”. He won the outs

tanding achievement award of Health Ambassador in E urope and America and was awarded the national medi

cal Saint award in China.



为 105 岁老红军吴西将军诊病

在解放军总医院(301 医院)为中顾委委员、兰州军区政委、



自古至今,每一位在人生事业上有着突出成就的学者,做 任何事情都能取得一定的成绩。作为武学、中医都精通的李乘伊教授,在中国书画、诗词方面也有极高造诣,即兴赋诗 1000 多首,并在 2014 年正式拜千古草圣于右任先生养子、书 画巨擘黄宾虹先生弟子刘田依大师为师,系统学习中国书画 鉴定和“标准草书千字文大字典”的整理、编辑、宣传、推广工作。他的书画作品被多国政要、将军、企业家收藏。

2009 年 10 月,作品参加“和谐中华海峡两岸书画艺术家 交流活动作品展”获优秀奖。在国家发改委举办的纪念红军 长征胜利八十周年干部职工书画展中,李乘伊教授的书画作 品《万里长征、光照千秋》被国家发改委收藏。在传播中国优秀传统文化方面,李乘伊教授和他的恩师刘田依大师,为人类做出的卓越贡献必将被历史所铭记!

“为人类的健康事业而奋斗终身”是李乘伊教授的誓言, 也是一种信念,更是一种信仰。无论从事武学、养生、书画、诗词,还是从事医学本身,李乘伊教授每走一步都实践了这句誓言!他的杰出事迹,在《中国中医名人榜》、《华夏医魄》、 《实际辉煌》、《时代中国人》、《祖国》、《科技兴国》、 《创新中国人物志》、《中国领军人物之李乘伊》、《协同、 创新、发展》、《迈向世界的中医科技》、《聚焦中国人》、 《华夏名人荟萃》 (与袁隆平等科学家共同荣登封面人物)、 《中国创新梦》 (与诺贝尔奖获得者屠呦呦共同荣登封面人物)等三十多部书刊典籍中均有记载。李乘伊教授用大爱无疆、大道无垠的博大胸怀,诠释了一名医务工作者的崇高使命与担当 ;他用一心为民、润物无声的身体力行,不断将厚重积淀和独到的感悟融会贯通到从医经验中,为医务工作者和科研工作者树立了学习的榜样。

6、Multifaceted life, interpreting the extraordinary significance of lifeSince ancient times, everyscholar who has made outstanding achievements in li fe and career can make certainachievements in anyt hing. As a professor who is proficient in martial a rts and traditionalChinese medicine, Professor Li Chengyi also has great attainments in Chinese calligraphy, painting and poetry. He wrote more than 100 0 poems impromptu. In 2014, heofficially worshippe d Master Liu T iany i, the adopted son of Mr. Yu Your en and the disciple of Mr. Huang Binhong, a giant o f calligraphy and painting, as a teacher to systema tically study the identification of Chinese calligr ap hy and painting and the sorting, editing, publici ty and promotion of the “Standard Cursive thousandcharacter dictionary”. His calligraphy and paintingworks have been collected by political dignitaries,generals and entrepreneurs in manycountries.

In October 2009, his works participated in the ” harmonious cross strait calligraphy andpainting ar tist exchange activity work exhibition” and won theexcellent award. In thecalligraphy and painting e xhibition held by the national development and Refo rmCommission to commemorate the 80th anniversary o f the victory of the Red Army’s LongMarch, Profess or Li Chengyi’s calligraphy and painting work “Long March, light forthousands of years” was collectedby the national development and Reform Commission.

In terms of disseminating China’s excellent trad itional culture, Professor Li Chengyi and his mento r Master Liu T iany i will be remembered by history for their outstanding contributions to mankind!

“Strive for human health for life” is Professor

Li Chengyi’s oath, a belief and a belief. Whether e ng aged in martial arts, healthpreservation, callig rap hy and painting, poetry or medicine itself, Professor Li Chengyi has practiced this oath every step!

His outstanding deeds have been listed in the list of famous Chinese doctors of traditional Chinese m edicine, the soul of Chinese medicine, practical br illiance, the Chinese peop le of the times, the moth erland, rejuvenating the country through science an dtechnology, the annals of innovative Chinese fig ures, Li Chengyi, the leader of China, synergy, innovation anddevelopment, traditional Chinese medicin e science and technology marchingtowards the world, focusing on the Chinese peop le, the gathering of C hinese celebrities (conamed on the cover with scientists such as Yuan Longping) It is recorded in more than 30 books, periodicals and classics, such as the dream of China’s innovation (co named on the cover with Nobel laureate Tu youyou).

Professor Li Chengy i explained the lofty mission and responsibility of a medical worker with his br oad mind of boundless love and boundless Avenue; Wi th hi silent practiceofwholeheartedly serving the peop le and moistening things, he constantly integrated the profound accumulation and unique insightsinto his medical experience, and set an examp le for medical workers and scientific researchers.


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